photo, video &

other equipment

with or without assistants.

Foto opremaFoto oprema

Available equipment:

LED lighting


Godox VLC 200 (2x)

    Godox LD150R (10x)

      Godox KNON LED n600BI (1x)

        Godox SL150R (1x)

          Godox TUBE TL60 (3x)

            Godox TUBA TL120 (1x)

              Godox VSA-26K (1x)

                ADUTURE 600C PRO (1x)

                  F&V K8000S SE (1x)

                    Godox SZ 150R

                      Senna LED panels

                        Tungsten rasvjeta


                        Arri 2000W tungsten (5x)

                          Arri 650W tungsten (2x)

                            Arri 1000W tungsten (1x)

                              ARRI X21 Soft & Hard Light Package (2x)

                                Lighting & equipment – photo


                                Godox DP600III (4x)

                                  Trigger (Canon/Nikon)

                                    Godox umbrella 101cm (1x)

                                      Godox Softbox + grid - 60x60cm (2x)

                                        Godox Softbox octogonal + grid - 95cm (2x)

                                          Avenger A2033FCB C-Stand 33 (3x)

                                            Avenger D600CB MiniBoom (1x)

                                              Manfrotto 1004BAC stands (4x)

                                                Other equipment



                                                  C-stand big

                                                    C-stand medium

                                                      C-stand small

                                                        Manfrotto 626

                                                          8x8 Butterfly with 1/2 fabric and Egg Crate

                                                            12x12 Butterfly with full silk

                                                              120x120 1/1, 1/2 scrims

                                                                Black flags

                                                                  Color gels

                                                                    Sand bags

                                                                      Equipment rental conditions

                                                                      Cancellation is made at least 48 hours before the agreed term. Payment is made only via Studio account. The client is responsible for any possible damage done on the walls, floors, equipment, studio inventory, or any object found in the studio during the rent. The client is obliged to compensate for missing or damaged equipment during the rent, and to restore the studio to its original state when leaving the studio.

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