Ground plan
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  • Soundproof space

    of all external sounds, suitable for various types of sound recordings

  • Optical internet

    for streaming purposes, with the ability to upgrade capacity

  • Parking

    closed asphalt parking with video surveillance with 10 secured places

  • Power capacity

    three-Phase Power capacity 50kW

  • Heating and cooling

    all studio rooms are separately heated and cooled

  • Wooden floors

    allow the props to be fixed to the floor

  • Ceiling mesh

    high load capacity, for hanging lighting and props through the studio

  • Speakers

    for recording music videos, the studio is equipped with a loudspeaker connected via bluetooth or jack

300 m2

4.03 m

10.00 m

5.50 m

Studio infoStudio info

Rent a professional studio space that has a cargo entrance for easier access to equipment and props, secured parking with ten parking spaces and truck access. Our studio is soundproofed for sound recordings and equipped with optical internet for streaming services.

Rent Hangar Studio

High load grid

Through the entire ceiling of the studio, allows the installation of lighting and props.


All spaces are newly renovated and air-conditioned, connected to Wi-Fi internet to maximize comfort and creativity when shooting.

Makeup-up room

Fully decorated and air-conditioned make-up room according to professional make-up lighting standards, capacity for working with 4 people at the same time, with a changing screen and racks with hangers.


Professional head-shower for quick changes between hairstyles during shooting.

Shower and toilet

Modern shower with towels and hygiene products.